Presbyterian Church-U.S.A. Student Opportunity Scholarships

The Presbytarian Church of the United States of America’s college students can avail of scholarship grants that are made available to Presbytarian college students in America. The scholarship is called the Presbytarian Church-U.S.A. student Opportunity Scholarships. This will benefit students who are taking up major degrees in the following courses; Health Science; Health Service; Religious Studies; Sacred Music; Social Service; Social science and Education. The scholarship can be availed for the junior and senior years in a college degree. Racial ethnicity is one aspect given priority in promoting variety.

There are some requirements that the applicant must be able to fulfill. The first is that the applicant must be a Presbytarian Church member in the United States. The applicant must have finished his or her sophomore year in college. The applicant must be enrolled in school permanently. A Grade Point Average of at least 2.5 should be maintained. The applicant must be in financial difficulty.

Amount: $2,000
Deadline: June 15
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