Patricia Hasbrouck Memorial Scholarship

The Oregon Student Access Commission manages different programs that offers financial support to students who lack financial resources to fund their education. These programs are both federal and privately funded, and one of which is the Patricia Hasbrouck Memorial Scholarship.

This scholarship program is open to the students who are residents of the state of Oregon. In order to qualify, part of the requirement for Patricia Hasbrouck Memorial Scholarship is that the candidate must be enrolled in an institution of post- secondary institution. The candidate is also required to be a resident of Harney County in Oregon, and he or she must at least be a second year nursing student.

Patricia Hasbrouck Memorial Scholarship offers an amount of $3,000 worth of financial assistance to its most fortunate recipients. Candidates who are eligible to make an application for this scholarship program may submit their application on or before its set deadline which is on March 1.

It is really a noble effort on the part of the Oregon Student Access Commission to administer various types of financial aid programs to the students who reside in Oregon because this way, aside from being able to give financial help, they are also able to give a great amount of support to the nursing students thereby encouraging them to continue fulfilling their desire to be a part of this industry.

When a lot more students are inspired to become nurses, then the concern with regards to the shortage of nurses will also be resolved.

Amount: $3,000
Deadline: 1-Mar
Other Req: RESIDES IN OR state
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