Nursing Faculty Scholarship and Living Expenses Grant

The Nursing Faculty Scholarship and Living Expenses Grant is also known as the Nurse Support Program II. This particular scholarship program was founded by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and is open to students who are supported by a Maryland Higher Education Institution.

To become considered as a nursing faculty member at a Maryland Higher Education Institution, the student is required to complete the graduate program that he or she is taking up. In order to qualify for the living grant, the candidate must complete and present the free application for federal student aid. While qualifying for the GNFS or Graduate Nursing Faculty Scholarships, the applicant is required to be a resident of Maryland and must be currently enrolled at a Maryland college or university in Masters of Science in Nursing Program or another nursing program that is also on graduate level and must be a course that is preparing the student to be a nursing faculty.

The Nursing Faculty Scholarship and Living Expenses Grant gives $13,000 of financial assistance to its recipients. Students of Maryland who are studying nursing and are in need of financial assistance are given much hope and inspiration to pursue their education and eventually land on their dream profession so they can effectively live out their dreams and be of service to other people.

It is definitely not easy to get a scholarship because the process is rigorous and the requirements and conditions can be tough, but when you get chosen, it is certainly an honor and a great privilege.

Amount: up to $13000
Other Req: RESIDES IN MD state
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