Nurses of Tomorrow

Medical Solutions as well as its traveling nurses founded a scholarship program called Nurses of Tomorrow in order to recognize the efforts and the important role of nurses during the Nurse Week. The Nurses of Tomorrow scholarship program gives away three $1k as a financial assistance to its most fortunate recipients.

One of the objectives of this scholarship award is to alleviate the concern with regards to the lack of nurses in the society. Another aim of the Nurses of Tomorrow scholarship grant is create leaders in the field of nursing as well as educators in the coming generation. This scholarship program has two main conditions that the recipients need to fulfill. One is that they are required to come up with an essay that is composed of 250 words on the topic: “what will you do as a nurse to ensure you always provide exceptional patient care?” Second requirement is that the recipients are obliged to submit a report on the list of community services that they were actively involved in within the period of 4 years.

In order to qualify for the Nurses of Tomorrow scholarship program, the candidate must have a grade of 2.8 or higher. What is great about this scholarship grant is that it does not favor a particular gender or ethnicity, so it is then open to any nursing student who is in need of a financial assistance so he or she can pursue a degree in nursing.

June 6 is the deadline for the submission of applications.

Deadline: 6-Jun
GPA: 2.8 or higher
Gender: No gender requirement
Website: Visit Website