Nurses’ Educational Funds Scholarships

A non- profit organization called Nurses’ Educational Funds, Inc or NEF creates an opportunity and makes an initiative to reach out to other people so they can obtain some financial resources and afterwards share to the students of nursing who lacks the financial means to pursue their degree in nursing.

In order to qualify for the Nurses’ Educational Funds Scholarships, the candidate needs to be a registered nurse as well as a part of the professional nursing association. Part of the requirement for this scholarship program is that the applicant must be a citizen of the United States. The potential recipient for the Nurses’ Educational Funds Scholarships is also required to be a full time student who is currently registered in a professionally recognized nursing master’s degree program by the NLNAC or Nursing Accrediting Commission, or the CCNE which stands for Collegiate Nursing Education.

This scholarship grant is also open to either full time or part time student who is enrolled in a doctoral program in nursing or other field that is related to nursing. Another requirement for this scholarship award is that the applicant must have a grade of 3.6 or higher. The deadline set for the submission of application is on March 1 so the applicants who are qualified to make an application must turn in their intent on or before its given deadline.

This initiative by the Nurses’ Educational Funds Inc is truly a very noble effort as it strives to give opportunities to the nursing students who are in need of financial aid.

Deadline: 1-Mar
GPA: 3.6 or higher
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