Nurse Corp Health Profession Scholarship Program

The Nurse Corp Health Professions Scholarship Program is designed to give financial support to graduate students who are taking up a nursing graduate program such as midwife, FNP, CRNA, PNP, WHP or mental health practitioner. This scholarship program provides financial assistance to everything that the student needs for his or her education, so the support includes monthly allowance, tuition, books and other materials required in the course.

The duration for this scholarship award is good for two to three years, and the deadline varies so the graduate students who are interested to submit an application must check the website or get in touch with the Nurse Corp Health Profession Scholarship Program in order to keep themselves updated about what is the latest about the program.

To be an eligible candidate, the student must possess a grade of 3.0 or higher. Aside from the generosity of this scholarship program, it is also flexible and open to any student as it is not biased on any gender or any group of ethnicity.

There are certainly a lot of scholarship programs available all over the world that gives financial support to students from all fields of study that is why the lack of financial resources is not really a big concern anymore for the students with this kind of dilemma. But in order to be considered to be a qualified candidate, the student must certainly fulfill all the necessary requirements as these scholarship programs are definitely strict with their set specifications and conditions.

Length: 2-3 years
GPA: 3.0 or higher
Gender: No gender requirement
Website: Visit Website