Nurse Care Specialty License Plate Initiative

Scholarship programs are funded in several different ways, and are organized by different institutions or organizations as well. Some are established by private groups while others are created by the government. One effort that is being made to provide funds for scholarships both for the undergraduate and the graduate levels is the Nurse Care Specialty License Plate Initiative.

This initiative began in the year 2002 with an objective to offer opportunity for nurses, as well as those who support the nursing profession and make some significant involvement in the nursing career. Another goal of the Nurse Care Specialty License Plate Initiative is to raise the awareness of the people with regards to the significant roles that nurses portray in the entire society.

In order to gain funds to provide for scholarships for nurses, “Nurse Care” specialty license plates are offered and can be accessible at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Nurse Care Specialty License Plate Initiative scholarship is open to all the students of nursing who are residents of South Carolina. Those who are eligible may submit their application for scholarship on or before its actual deadline which is on May 30.

This kind of movement is definitely a very good initiative of finding a way to gain funds to give for scholarship. This effort is certainly one that is very noble because it is able to give a lot of opportunities and chances to every nursing student who is in need of financial aid. Having this kind of effort definitely gives a lot of encouragement and inspiration to every nursing student.

Deadline: 30-May
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