Nora Piore Scholarship Program

The Service Employees International Union established a scholarship grant which they call the Nora Piore Scholarship Program. This specific scholarship award was created to pay tribute to certain groups who made significant contributions and transformed public health. These are the union organizers, labor educators, college professors, health care economists as well as health care activists.

The Nora Piore Scholarship Program gives financial support to up to $4,375 and a deadline is set for the submission of applications so candidates who wish to grab this chance may apply before its actual deadline or on its actual date of submission which is on March 1. To have scholarship grants such as the Nora Piore Scholarship Program is truly a great opportunity for the students who are in need of financial support, and at the same time it also has good objectives as it gives honor to certain groups of people who made a difference and changed the image of public health. It is definitely fitting to recognize this kind of effort so that it may continue to inspire more people to do great things.

Students who are unable or having difficulty to fund their education because of financial constraints are now given hope because of the presence of the scholarship programs. Those who wish to make an application for a scholarship grant must do well in terms of their academic standing so that they can qualify to be a possible recipient for a scholarship award.

To be given an award is definitely an honor.

Amount: up to $4375
Deadline: 1-Mar
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