Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania

A great opportunity awaits the residents of Pennsylvania who are students completing a basic nursing education program such as a diploma, an associate degree or a BSN or LPN degree or an advanced program in nursing such as master’s or doctoral because the Nightingale Awards Pennsylvania is around to offer financial support to the students who need financial assistance.

The Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania is a non- profit foundation that sponsors a scholarship program to give financial aid to the residents of Pennsylvania who are studying to become a nurse. The potential candidate must be enrolled in an educational institution in the state of Pennsylvania and at the same time, must also be looking forward to give health care service in Pennsylvania as well.

The Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania is not biased on any gender or group of ethnicity so this is really open to any nursing student of Pennsylvania who lacks the financial resources to finish their studies. Those who are taking up an RN or BSN nursing program or an associate nursing program with a completed diploma are discouraged from making an application.

Non- profit organizations such as the Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania certainly give a lot of help and encouragement to the students of nursing to go for their dreams and not be limited by their lack of financial means to fund their education. Because of organizations such as this one, as well as the presence of many scholarship programs, students of any field of study are motivated to do well so they can qualify for a scholarship.

Gender: No gender requirement
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