National Black Nurses Association, Inc. - Nursing Spectrum Scholarship

The National Black Nurses Association (NBNA), Inc., Nursing Spectrum Scholarship is a kind of scholarship program that focuses on nurses looking to go into advanced and graduate courses. Applicant must be of African American descent and must be of African American descent. Furthermore, for the applicant to be qualified, they must be currently enrolled at any nursing program such as BSN, Diploma, AD, or LPN/LVN. They should also be members of the NBNA and must be an active member of the local chapter in their area. Another requirement is that the student should have at least one full year before they graduate. For applicants that are accepted into the scholarship program, they will be given up to $2000 as financial aid. Deadline for prospective applicants is on the 15th of April.

There are many scholarships available to the public which helps talented individuals to finish their desired course. In this case, African American nurses are given the opportunity to study and advance their current nursing skills and knowledge without worrying too much about the associated costs. Since it is the NBNA that gives out these grants, it is expected that they are looking for nurses of African American descent. This is a means of empowering since they want people of their same heritage to finish their advanced schooling. Not only does it benefit the African American community, but it also affects the nursing community as well. Either way, having better, more competent nurses that do specialized work is always a plus no matter what.

Amount: up to $2000
Deadline: 15-Apr
Ethnicity: African American
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