National Black Nurses Association, Inc. - Kaiser Permanente Scholarship

The National Black Nurses Association (NBNA), Inc., Kaiser Permanente Scholarship is a scholarship fund that was created by the NBNA so as to facilitate nurses to take up advanced courses. For applicant to be eligible for the scholarship grant, they must be of African American heritage. Furthermore, they should be currently taking up or enrolled in a nursing program such as an AD, Diploma, BSN, and/or LPN/LVN. Also, they must be of good academic and scholastic standing to prove that they are worthy of the scholarship grant.

Also, applicants must be current and active members of the NBNA and must be a member of the local chapter if there is on near them. If the applicant passes, then they will be given up to $2,000 as financial aid. This is a pretty significant amount especially since graduate courses are not cheap. For applicants who are interested, the deadline for the application is on April 15.

There are plenty of scholarships that allow students take up and finish their desired course. However, when it comes to graduate courses, the amount of scholarships is significantly less. That is why for African American registered nurses, this scholarship is a huge help. Not only will they be able to take up and finish their desired graduate course without worrying too much over the tuition fee, they also have more time to study. This is exactly what the NBNA strives for since they are encouraging nurses to take up graduate courses and they would like them to be exemplary students.

Amount: up to $2000
Deadline: 15-Apr
Ethnicity: African American
Website: Visit Website