NASN Advocacy Education Award

The NASN Advocacy Education Award was before named after Sally Williams. Sally was the inaugural president of the NASN. Sally, who hailed from the state of California, restlessly gave all her efforts so she could ask the National Education Association or NEA to recognize the individual requirements services nurses working in schools. Behind her tremendous work, the NEA established the Department of Nursing on the 4th of July in 1968. Her main goal in uniting nurses who were employed in schools was to give them an avenue to speak their minds regarding health issues in schools.

This scholarship award is aimed to fund the studies of members of the NASN regarding legislative educational courses, to disseminate information regarding school health care, improve nursing care in schools and be active health practitioners regarding children’s rights to good health.

Information may be obtained from the NASN website.

Amount: $1500
Website: Visit Website