Myrtle Longenbach Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Myrtle Longenbach Memorial Scholarship Fund is a nursing scholarship that is offered by the Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri. This scholarship is open to undergraduate students that are currently majoring in clinical nursing as well as graduate students opting for an advanced course in nursing. The University of Missouri offers various nursing-specific scholarships which helps nursing students who are in need of financial aid. To qualify for the scholarship fund, the student must qualify for the academic requirements of the school.

This type of scholarship aims to help students who are having a difficulty with their finances. However, as part of the necessary requirement, the student must meet the academic criteria set by the school. Scholarship programs like these should be something that every school should strive to have since it increases the amount of exemplary students that will graduate from their university. This is because the students who want to get the scholarship will study more to meet the grade requirement set which means that these students will be of higher valuation than the rest.

There are plenty of scholarships and each and every one of them have a specific purpose in mind as to why they are made. In this case, this scholarship fund was created so as to increase the possible nurses in the future as well as encourage nurses to take up graduate studies to further improve their skills and knowledge. This is for the benefit of the school, the student, and the nursing community as a whole as well.

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