Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Boyd Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Boyd Scholarship Endowment Fund was created by the Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri. The scholarship program is available for all undergraduate clinical nursing majors as well as graduate students who are looking for financial assistance. To be eligible for the scholarship, they must meet the scholastic qualifications set by their school.

In general, scholarships such as these aim to promote and help students who are looking to go to the field of nursing but are generally wary due to the accompanying costs of the said course. Nursing programs anywhere in the country is by no means cheap. It is a quality investment since it has a lot of skills and technical details that you are required to be taught. That is why scholarship programs such as these are helpful since these allow incoming students to study without worry.

For nurses, they are most often in need of advanced courses to further their skills and technical knowledge. Unfortunately, to take up a graduate course on their own volition will require them to spend money on it. Scholarships like these encourages registered nurses to take up graduate courses. They will be helped financially as long as they are eligible and become accepted to the scholarship program. In a way, this scholarship endowment fund is designed to help increase the amount of registered nurses since more student taking up nursing will directly lead to an increase in the nursing workforce by extension.

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