Mount Sinai Hospital's BSN Student Scholarship/Work Repayment Program

The BSN Student Scholarship/Work Repayment Program was created and sponsored by the Mount Sinai Hospital Department of Nursing. The program is open to all senior nursing students that are currently enrolled at a BSN Program. For those that are accepted, you will be given up to $3000 in financial aid and must be used to fund your education during the semester that the scholarship was given. The grant must be used to help the student get their Nursing degree.

Another qualification is that once the student graduates and becomes a registered nurse, they must commit themselves to work at Mount Sinai Hospital that is proportional to how many semesters they were given a scholarship grant. Another qualification is that the student must maintain a GPA of 3.3 and above to ensure that the grant will be given to those who are qualified. Deadlines for submission is on October 1.

These kinds of scholarship are advantageous since students that are having a hard time in paying for their tuition fee will be able to study since the amount granted is significant. They will also be less stressed since they don’t have to worry as much on how to pay for their education. For the sponsor, Mount Sinai, this is a great way for them to invest since the students will be required to work as nurses in their hospital. They are also assured that the quality of these nurses will be high since they are enforcing a high GPA if the students wish to be eligible for the scholarship.

Amount: up to $3000
Deadline: 1-Oct
GPA: 3.3 or higher
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