Most Valuable Student Competition

The Most Valuable Student Competition is a scholarship program that was made by the Elks National Foundation. Fortunately, this scholarship grant does not require the applicant to be related to an Elks member which means that the scholarship is open to all as long as they are a citizen of the United States and they are currently high school seniors.

Aspiring applicants will be screened based on their leadership skills, academic abilities, and need of financial assistance. As the name of the scholarship implies, the scholarship aims to find the most valuable student and it is a competition to see which one is the best. That is why for the student to receive the grant, their application must advance through the local, district, state, and national competition. Also, for the student to be qualified, they must be applying for a four-year full-time course with a minimum of 12 semester hours at any American College or University. Deadline for application is on the 1st of January and those that will get the scholarship will receive $15,000.

These kinds of scholarships are made to encourage students to excel in academic and leadership roles since only the best and brightest are given the scholarship award. This is good since only the most deserving of students will be given. Also, since it is in competition form, students are encouraged to do better which also brings fame to their respective schools. Fortunately, any course is allowed so as long as the student has the skills and talent and is deserving of the financial aid, they are able to apply for it.