Minnesota State University Mankato Nursing Scholarships

The Mankato located Minnesota State University has grown by leaps and bounds therefore has a lot of scholarship programs on offer. Nursing students can apply for the following scholarship awards; the Student Nurses’ Association Scholarship Award, the Accelerated Nursing Program Nursing Faculty Scholarship Award, the Waunda-Mae Wyndle Endowment Scholarship Award and the Patrick Willette Memorial Nursing Scholarship Award. For those taking up a post graduate course in nursing, they can apply for the Clarice Joan Amundson Nursing Endowment Scholarship Award and the Graduate Nursing Faculty Scholarship Award.

The basic requirements that an applicant must fulfill and goes for all scholarships are a Grade Point Average of at least 3.0 and a copy of the letter of acceptance in a nursing school. All other requirements are predetermined by the type of scholarship award.

The School of Nursing of the University has been properly developed by people dedicated to support the school. All these contributions and financial support make one bug amount that helps out nursing students who are experiencing financial difficulties. Aside from these supporters, faculty members and alumni of the school have made significant contributions as well. Once all the contributions are gathered, then the scholarships are handed out. For more information on how to apply, please contact the Minnesota State University Mankato Nursing Scholarships.

GPA: 3.0
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