Minnesota Nurse Faculty Loan Forgiveness Program

The Minnesota Loan Forgiveness program is a scholarship grant created by the Minnesota Department of Health. This scholarship program aims to recruit and retain more health care professionals and instructors for select areas and facilities in the State of Minnesota. The beauty of this program is that it caters to students that are studying to be future nursing instructors.

As with any scholarship, this program has specific needs and requirements so that only the most deserving of students can get in. In contrast, this grant provides $27,000 to those accepted since it requires the students to teach for at least 12 credits hours upon graduating. This equates to 720 hours per year with prep time included. They must also promise to teach at a postsecondary nursing program at the State of Minnesota for a minimum of three years.

This type of scholarship program requires the accepted applicant to render service in proportion to the amount of grant that they were given. The duration of service may seem long as it requires three years. However, the amount given as a grant is exceptionally larger than typical scholarship awards.

Also, this grant is advantageous to the state as well as the student. In most cases, studying to be an educator is a lot more expensive. On the other hand, this is also advantageous to the state, this ensures that there will be nursing instructors that will help nurture the next generation of nurses. For aspiring applicants, they have until the 1st of December to submit their application forms.

Amount: $27,000
Deadline: 1-Dec
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