MidAtlantic Cardiovascular Foundation Nursing Scholarship

The MidAtlantic Cardiovascular Foundation Nursing Scholarship is a scholarship program made the MidAtlantic Cardiovascular Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit foundation that was established by the MidAtlantic Cardiovascular Associates. The foundation was established as a means to give cardiovascular care and services to people in community who have difficulty in affording the said treatments and care. The foundation itself is backed by various medical device fields and pharmaceuticals so that they can give direct assistance to patients who have difficulty in paying and even simply reaching cardiac care, benefits, and medication.

In line with this, the scholarship program granted by the foundation aims to give financial aid to applicants that are qualified and accepted into the program. They must be currently studying nursing and must go to an accredited school—college or university. The amount that can be given can amount up to $2,500 as five awards will be granted to either full-time or part-time students as long as they are enrolled at any Associate or Baccalaureate nursing program.

For applicants to be eligible, the must reside in Maryland and provide proof that they are worthy of the financial aid. They must also give three letters of reference so that they can prove that they are worthy of the scholarship and have compassion for the nursing field. They must also prove their potential for success when they are practicing nursing. They must also maintain a GPA of 3.4 or higher. Students that plan to practice in Maryland after graduating are given priority.

Amount: up to $2500
GPA: 3.4 or higher
Other Req: RESIDES IN MD state
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