Michigan Nurses Foundation Scholarship

The Michigan Nurses Foundation Scholarship was established to offer financial support to the undergraduate students who are pursuing a degree in nursing. In order to qualify for this scholarship program, the candidate must be a citizen of the United States and must be a resident of Michigan as well.

Part of the requirement for the Michigan Nurses Foundation Scholarship is that the candidate must be enrolled in a school of nursing in the state of Michigan. Another important requirement for this scholarship grant is that he or she must be a member of the Michigan Nursing Students Association (MNSA) or the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA).

The scholarship award is given by the Michigan Nurses Foundation, and the amount that this scholarship program provides is worth $1,000 which is given every year, but is non- renewable. Applications for the Michigan Nurses Foundation Scholarship is easily accessible through the Michigan Nurses Foundation website.

Applications for this scholarship program is made available during the first part of April, and aside from the filled up application form, other supporting documents are required by the Michigan Nurses Foundation Scholarship. With this, the candidate needs to submit information regarding his or her financial situation, letters of recommendation from a nursing instructor, a dean or director from his or her school, and a typed narrative of the candidate’s anticipated role in his or her nursing practice. This narrative must be half a page, and also another half page narrative that states his or her planned usage of the scholarship money.

Amount: $1,000
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