Merle Dozier Strange Scholarship

The Merle Dozier Strange Scholarship was created by the Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri. The scholarship program is available to anyone who is currently enrolled or is eligible to enroll to the school. As long as they are able to meet the necessary scholastic qualifications, any undergraduate or graduate nursing student can apply for the scholarship. The amount given varies and depends the assessment of the student applying.

These kinds of scholarships are good news to both students and their families alike since scholarship funds such as these aims to help give financial assistance to deserving students who are really in need of the financial aid. This gives students who are unable to finish their undergraduate or graduate course some hope since they can now pursue their education with less things to worry about.

Not only that; but for the school as well, this is a huge plus since it motivates their students to study well. Since they are helping their students financially, students can study better. This increases the overall quality of the students which means that the quality of graduates will be higher. This also gives back to the nursing community since there will be more nurses who can better share their skills and talents. This also addresses the nursing shortage in the country since it encourages students to take up nursing. All in all, since scholarships like these exist, plenty more students are motivated to take up nursing which is always a good thing.

Amount: varies
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