McKesson Scholarships

The Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association McKesson Scholarships are scholarship grants given to any students that are currently taking up a course or any accredited program that will lead them to get a license as a Registered Nurse. The scholarship will give up to $1000 to help students in finishing their nursing course. This scholarship program is easily accessible and can help a lot of students who are looking to go in to the nursing profession.

Scholarships such as these aim to help many students that are facing difficulties when it comes to their studies. Any amount goes along way when it comes to financing a student’s education. Furthermore, any course or school is fine as long as that course and school will help you get a license as an RN. This lessens the amount of stress that students have to worry about and can therefore devote their all into their studies.

This is also good for the nursing profession as a whole. In most cases, there are students who really want to become nurses but are forced to stop or reconsider their choice due to the amount of money that they will have to spend. This means that by taking advantage of scholarships such as these, there will be more nurses in the future and since the students were able to better focus on their studies, they will be more competent when they get their RNs. For anyone wanting to avail of the scholarship, they have until January 13 to submit their application forms.

Amount: up to $1000
Deadline: 13-Jan
Website: Visit Website