Maryland Graduate and Professional Scholarship Program

Those who are planning to enroll in higher or post graduate course related to the fields of law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, social welfare or veterinary courses may now do so with the aid of the Maryland Graduate and Professional Scholarship Program. These students must be accepted in schools or universities within the state of Maryland that is accredited with the benefactor of this scholarship grant.

This Scholarship award is being given out on a yearly basis by the Maryland Higher Education Commission. The scholarship award has a monetary value of at least 1,000 US dollars to a maximum of 5,000 US dollars. This scholarship award can be renewed for a maximum of three years.

The number of successful applicants accepted and awarded this scholarship award vary from year to year as the awarding depend heavily on the available funds. Those student applicants who are awarded this scholarship award will receive the fundings until the resources are fully used up.

For those interested in gathering more information regarding this scholarship award, the Maryland Higher Education Commission web page is the place to go to. Student applicants who are interested in applying for this scholarship award must present a filled out Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This form can be downloaded from the FAFSA web page at or at the fincial offices of any school. The form must be duly received by a Federal Processor of Maryland for scholarships after the 1st of January of every year for immediate consideration for the next school year. For other supporting documents, applicants may simply refer to the Maryland Higher Education Commission website.

Amount: $1,000
Deadline: March 1
Website: Visit Website