Mary Opal Wolanin Scholarship

The scholarship programs are designed to offer financial aid to the students who are experiencing financial difficulties and are having a tough time to fund their education. Because of programs that provide financial assistance, more and more students are given the opportunity to continue their education and have a brighter future ahead of them.

One of the scholarship programs called Mary Opal Wolanin Scholarship was founded to offer financial support to the students who are both in the undergraduate and graduate level and are considering to provide service to the older adults. The potential candidate for this program must pursue a career in either gerontology or geriatric setting as soon as he or she has completed the program.

The Mary Opal Wolanin Scholarship offers the amount of $500 to its recipients. But in order to qualify for this scholarship program, there are certain requirements that the applicant must possess. For the graduate students, the candidate is required to be in a nursing program and that he or she must major in gerontology or geriatric nursing. The applicant also needs to be enrolled in a nationally approved program in nursing within the United States. The candidate also needs to have at least 6 credits.

As for the Undergraduate students, the candidate must either be enrolled as a part time or full time student of nursing, and that he or she must be studying in an approved school of nursing also within the United States. Another qualification for the undergraduate students is that he or she must consider to work in a geriatric or gerontology setting as soon as he or she has completed his or her education.

Amount: $500
Length: 1 year
Deadline: June 1
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