Mary Marshall Nursing Scholarship Program for Licensed Practical Nurses

The Mary Marshall Nursing Scholarship Program for Licensed Practical Nurses was made with the help of the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Health Policy and Planning. The scholarship program is a need-based award that caters to Virginia residents that are currently or applicable to enroll as students—part-time or full-time—at any practical school of nursing in Virginia. For those looking to apply, the recipients of the scholarship must first agree to practice as a full-time nurse in Virginia for one month for every $100 that they have received upon completion of their nursing degree. Simply put, if the student received a total of $1,200 as a scholarship award, then they must repay it by working for 12 months as a full-time nurse in Virginia. Deadline for applicants will be on the 30th of June.

This initiative is advantageous to both the student and the state of Virginia. For students or would be students, the scholarship greatly helps them by decreasing the financial burden that they must worry about if they wish to become a nurse. Through this, they can focus more on things that matter such as their studies. For the state, it is advantageous to them since this directly answers the problem of nurse shortages. By giving out scholarship funds, they are ensuring a steady supply of nurses that will practice in their state which will alleviate the medical problems faced by the state due to lack of medical personnel. All in all, this is a good deal for both parties involved so if you are eligible, applying would be beneficial.

Deadline: 30-Jun
Ethnicity: White
Other Req: RESIDES IN VA state
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