Mary Ellen Hatfield School Nursing Scholarship

The Mary Ellen Hatfield School Nursing Scholarship is a program that aims to provide financial help to a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse that wants to further their education. It is established by the South Carolina Nurses Foundation with the purpose of helping current nurses—especially those practicing at the South Carolina School—to advance their skills and knowledge. The Nurses Foundation provides endowments yearly to select individuals that would want to avail of the aid.

It is important to note that this scholarship is only available to RNs and LPNs and not to undergraduate students. However, this also means that this is beneficial to RNs and LPNs who would like to improve their skills and expand their knowledge but have difficulty in doing so due to the associated costs of going back to school or getting further trainings. In most cases, if you are already working as an RN and LPN, you already have responsibilities that you need to pay for and going back to school would dip into that budget too much. Also, you are still probably paying off the student loans that you got back in college so going back to school again would cost way more for you. Fortunately, with The Mary Ellen Hatfield School Nursing Scholarship, you can go further your skills and knowledge without spending anything. The South Carolina Nurses Foundation is doing this not just to help select individuals but to also better the entire profession as a whole since RNs and LPNs who have received extra training are an asset to the profession itself.

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