Mary Butler Woods Nursing Scholarship Fund

The Mary Butler Woods Nursing Scholarship Fund is a scholarship program that was founded by the Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri. It is a scholarship that focuses on providing financial aid to nursing students that are having financial difficulties but are deserving of the privilege to good education. Like other scholarship programs, the scholarship fund is available for full-time nursing students that are able to meet the necessary scholastic requirements. Furthermore, the students must be currently enrolled in their Nursing School. Lastly, the scholarship takes preference to those are currently members or are descendants of members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The amount given for the scholarship varies and is given on a case to case basis.

This is fortunate news for students who need the extra financial aid. This way students who are really serious about their course will still be able to study despite the lack in financial ability to do so. This gives not just hope but eventually helps the whole profession as well since more exemplary students that graduate will mean more exemplary nurses that can further devote their time, effort, and energy for the improvement of the craft. This also allows students to not stress out on how to pay for their next tuition fee. These means that they will have more time to study and will have better grades as a result. Also, by helping students graduate and become nurses, this will effectively address the nursing shortage crisis that the country is facing.

Amount: varies
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