Marsha's Angels Scholarship Fund

The Marsha’s Angels Scholarship Fund was founded to help any of those students who are experiencing some financial difficulties and are about to enroll in any nursing course or program. Provided that these student applicant shave already accomplished the pre requirements of entering any nursing course and school. The scholarship is named after one Marsha Yarnell. Ms. Yarnell was a nurse who spent about thirty years of her life nursing and caring for people. Those student applicants who are certified residents of Sedgwick County in the state of Kansas are qualified to apply. Those who live in the counties surrounfding Sedgwick County can also apply. Successful applicants can then enroll in any nursing school in any part of the United States of America or in Marsha Yernell’s school where she graduated from, St. Luke’s College in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Monetary value of the scholarship fund is 1,800 US dollars and the deadline for the submission of application is on the 30th of June. Application forms and other information can be gathered and downloaded from their website by visiting this address; Interested student applicants can write to them in postal mailing address at P.O. Box 401 – Valley Center (67147-0401). To send emails write to

Amount: $1,800
Deadline: 30-Jun
Other Req: RESIDES IN KS state
Website: Visit Website