Marcy Klosterman Memorial Scholarship Fund (District 14)

The Florida Nurses Association has established a scholarship fund that is aimed to aid those nursing students who are experience some difficulty in finances. The name of the Scholarship fund is the Marcy Klostermen Memorial Scholarship Fund (District 14). There are some requirements that applicants must be able to satisfy before being considered for the scholarship award. First is that the applicant must be a certified resident of Lake County in the state of Florida. Second is that the applicant must be able to maintain a Grade Point Average of at least 3.0 or higher. Third is that the applicant must be either an undergraduate student who is enlisted in a Nursing course in a school in Florida or enrolled in a post graduate nursing course in any school within Florida. The number of scholarship grants to be given out may vary from year to year depending on the funds available. The monetary value of the awards also varies.

Some supporting documents are needed to be submitted together with the application form. These are the following: the reason why the student applicant needs the scholarship, and a document showing the student applicant is a resident of state of Lake County, Florida.

The deadline for the submission of application is on the 1st of June. Their address is at PO Box 536985 – Orlando (32853-6985). For phone inquiries dial 407-896-3261. For fax inquiries dial 407-896-9042. Applicants can send their applications through email at this address

Deadline: 1-Jun
GPA: 3.0 or higher
Other Req: RESIDES IN FL state, ADDITIONAL RESTRICTIONS: Florida resident of Lake County
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