M.V. Macrae Memorial Nurses Scholarship

For those who dream of becoming a registered nurse in the future, it is time to wake up and pursue that dream. Study hard and take in considerable amount of knowledge and skills in this field through a nursing education from accredited university or college. Completing the degree may take time, but is worth the investment. Pass the licensure exam and enjoy being a registered nurse serving and providing health care.

It may seem easy as a gist, but in most cases, there will be obstacles along the way. Particularly, students who dream to become nurse are hindered by financial needs. It is true that most of the nursing cost of education is high, but there is a solution for this and it is through the help from scholarship programs. In order to be awarded with scholarship assistance, you must be able to demonstrate why you deserve it through your academic standing and vision in the future. Of course, there will be other criteria for being awarded the financial assistance aside from demonstrating the need for financial help and academics. One good example is them M.V. Macrae Memorial Nurses Scholarship in which this program is only opened to the candidate who is a descendant (can be great grandson or daughter, grandson or daughter, son or daughter, widow, spouse, a parent of a veteran in US military. It is also open for veteran desiring to pursue a degree in nursing. Part of the requirements is to be a resident of Iowa for at least a year. Candidate must also submit an essay with not more than 400 words showing his/her character, goals and reason(s) to undertake this field. Candidate must also submit three recommendation letters. For further details, visit the website of American Legion or Iowa.

Amount: $400
Length: Two semesters; can be extended an additional two semesters
Deadline: 1-Jun
Other Req: RESIDES IN IA state
Website: Visit Website