Lydia’s Professional Uniform/AACN Excellence in Academics Nursing Scholarship

There are many students who desire to become a professional in the health care system as a nurse. Being a nurse is such a privilege, but entails hard work and public service. Formal education is necessary to become professional nurse, but the cost of education to this degree is not that economical. Fortunately, there are scholarships offered to deserving students that will help them complete their degree on time without having to worry about their financial needs.

An example of scholarship that is geared towards nursing students in the undergraduate level is the Lydia’s Professional Uniforms/AACN Excellence in Academics Nursing Scholarship. This program acknowledges the importance of the nurses and their roles in health care system. This program was developed with the commitment of enhancing the access to the baccalaureate programs in the field of nursing.

This nursing scholarship is awarded to two deserving students every fall and spring semester in which each recipient will receivefinancial assistance amounting to $2,500. The deadline for the application for this scholarship program is slated at 1st of August for the fall semester and 1st of November for the spring semester. In order for the candidates to qualify to this program, they mustcompletely fill out the application form. GPA requirement is 3.5 or better. A 250 word essay is also needed thatdetails financial needs and career goals. The application form for this scholarship can be downloaded at the official website of Lydia’s Uniforms as well as the American Association of College of Nursing.

Amount: $2,500
Deadline: 1-Aug
GPA: 3.5 or higher
Website: Visit Website