Lenore Alberty Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Government and professional organizations are together in the goal of bringing in more students to enroll in approved nursing programs in the different colleges and universities throughout the country. One way of encouraging more enrollees in the nursing program is the awarding of scholarships to students who are already enrolled or planning to enroll in the nursing baccalaureate programs.

The Lenore Alberty Memorial Nursing Scholarship was established at the Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri. The scholarship is awarded to students from single-parent homes that are admitted and enrolled in a degree in clinical nursing.

It was established by Sally Alberty Richardson, BSN, and her husband Steven Richardson, a business graduate of Missouri University, to honor Sally’s mother Lenore, who had worked for years in a student health clinic at Washington University. Lenore was a single mother who raised five children on her own.

The Lenore Alberty Memorial Nursing Scholarship is to be awarded to students who demonstrate a heart for nursing, show the most promise, and have a GPA of least 3.0 but may not qualify for other awards that are given only to students with 4.0 GPA. In order to honor Lenore, the award must go to students who come from single-parent households.

The Lenore Alberty Memorial Nursing Scholarship gives the undergraduate award only once per year to make the award significant in amount.
Applying for the scholarship is very easy. There is no need to apply for individual internal scholarships. Applicants need to submit the scholarship application for his or her degree program to the Sinclair School of Nursing Office of Student Affairs. Once the application is received, the applicant will be eligible for any scholarship to which he or she meets the eligibility criteria. All Sinclair School of Nursing students need to have a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid on their files.

For questions or additional information, students may contact:
Office of Student Affairs
S235 School of Nursing
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: 573-882-0277 or
1-800-437-4339 or

Amount: varies
Length: varies
Website: Visit Website