Larry L. Guthrie Nursing Scholarship

The founder of the Larry L Guthrie Nursing Scholarship took up his higher level education at the Wenatchee Community College as a business student and a football player too. His next move was to transfer to Gonzaga University to finish his business course in 1966 with a diploma in Business in an Economics major.

Guthrie’s mom, Gertrude was also an alumnus of Gonzaga University while at the same time taking up nursing at the Sacred Heart Hospital. She became a nurse in 1941 and has forever spoken in good faith of the kind of education Gonzaga University offers.

At the age of eighteen, Larry was able to construct his own house. His Father and Grandfathers taught him the essentials and basics of construction. During his college years, Larry Guthrie was able to buy a 21 bed nursing facility in the city of Spokane. During this time, he discovered that there is a lot more in caring for senior citizens than there is to it. For this reason he constructed a 130 door apartment complex meant to be lived in by meager income senior citizens in the city proper. Guthrie continued doing this until the latter part of the century. His parents took an active part in providing elderly care establishments in the Northwest part of the country.

Larry Guthrie founded this scholarship award to honor Gertrude, his mother and her contributions. This is given out in Gonzaga University through newly established School of Nursing and to help fill the need of nurses in the Northwest.

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