Khyentse Foundation Buddhist Scholarships

The Khyentse Foundation Buddhist Scholarships first began in 2006 with its main objective which was to allow individuals to broaden both their study and practice of Buddhism. Since that time, this foundation has further developed to provide financial support to the students from the different parts of the world. Because of programs such as the Khyentse Foundation Buddhist Scholarships, more students are given the opportunity to pursue their education and get a degree so they can have a better chance of giving themselves a brighter future.

This scholarship grant chooses its recipients based on his or her academic and personal excellence, and does not have any bias on any cultural background or group of race or ethnicity, Buddhist tradition or even nationality so this program then is really open to everyone who possess the necessary credentials, and are definitely deserving to get a scholarship award.

The Khyentse Foundation Buddhist Scholarships support any type of major or field of study which includes nursing, and part of the requirement for this scholarship program is an essay that has about 400 words that should talk about the applicant’s inspiration, dreams as well as the reason why the foundation should guide them with experience that is related to their study and or practice of dharma.

Students who are interested to make an application to this scholarship program must submit all the necessary requirements on or before January 15 or July 15. For more details, visit

Aside from offering financial assistance, this foundation also uses its financial resources to make sure that Buddha dharma is accessible to everyone.

Deadline: January 15
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