Kentucky Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund

Nursing students who are currently taking up their degrees in Bachelor of Science in Registered Nursing or Licensed Practical Nursing or are currently taking up their post graduate nursing studies can now apply for the Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund. The condition that the student must adhere to is that he or she must practice his or her nursing career in the state of Kentucky for an equivalent of one year per year funded by the scholarship. In the event that the awardee fails to finish the degree he or she is taking or failed to render services based on the agreement, the awardee is liable to give back the amount that he or she received from the scholarship with the corresponding interests. Submitted application forms must be postmarked from the 1st of January to the 1st of June.

The awardees of this scholarship fund is selected by a committee from the Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund with a particular set of standards followed. The award sums up to a total of three-thousand U.S. dollars for the whole school year. This amount can and may be used both for school expenses and boarding costs.

Nursing students taking up courses pertaining to Bachelor of Science or pre-licensure programs must be able to finish at least 15 credits in each school year. 9 academic credits are required for those in post graduate nursing studies. There is also a declared GPA that the awardee must be able to preserve which will result in continuous funding from the scholarship. The academic credit requirements may be broken down into the fall, spring and summer classes.

This scholarship is strictly for student applicants who are certified residents of the state of Kentucky and must show proof of acceptance in nursing school in or out of Kentucky.

Student applicants who have shown financial difficulties will be prioritized. Priority will also be given to Registered Nurses in pursuit of post graduate studies; students enrolled in a Registered Nursing degree. Continuous support through funding will be given to awardees if the awardee has shown continuous positive results in his or her studies.

The Student Status segment in the application form must be completed by the school administrator of the nursing degree.

Amount: $1,500
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