Kentucky Nursing Incentive Scholarship

The Kentucky Nursing Incentive Scholarship is open to the students who are residents of Kentucky and are in need of financial assistance so they can fund their education. This scholarship program has certain criteria that the interested candidate needs to fulfill so that he or she may qualify for the program. Part of the qualification for the Kentucky Nursing Incentive Scholarship is that he or she is required to be enrolled in an accredited program in nursing whether in the undergraduate or graduate level. For those in the undergraduate level, there is a required number of 15 hours per semester, and for the graduate level, 9 hours per semester is required.

Once the recipient is chosen, the student must agree to work as a nurse for at least a year for every academic year of scholarship funding that he or she received. Priority is given to the LPN who are taking up an RN education, as well as the RN who are pursuing a graduate nursing education. In order to be considered eligible for the Kentucky Nursing Incentive Scholarship, the candidate needs to maintain an excellent academic standing. Also part of the requirements for this scholarship program that the applicant must submit is a copy of the Student Aid Report (SAR) that must have an EFC number as well as the Statement of Pell eligibility.

The recipient can expect to receive the amount of $3,000 worth of financial support. Those who are eligible to apply for the Kentucky Nursing Incentive Scholarship must submit the necessary requirements on or before June 1.

Amount: $3,000 per year
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