Karen O’Neil Endowed Advanced Nursing Practice Scholarship

Pursuing a degree in nursing in an accredited college or university is expensive, whether it is a two or four-year degree program. If the undergraduate program in nursing is quite expensive, then taking up advance degree in this field will be a lot higher in expenses. Education is like an investment, you need to put effort, time, resources and even money before you can harvest its fruits. Nevertheless, there are organizations or simply donors who are willing to make the investment for students who hope to advance their knowledge and skill in the field of nursing by offering scholarships and one example is the Karen O’Neil Endowed Advanced Nursing Practice Scholarship. This scholarship is open to emergency nurse hoping to pursue advance degree program in nursing.

The scholarship program is overseen by Emergency Nurses Association Foundation. This organization serves as the resource for emergency for the Registered Nurses that will help their nursing career. The ENA grants several scholarship/financial assistance to the nursing graduates (and even students in the field of health care).

A student should always be a student no matter the age. Education is very important, both within the corners of the classrooms and the outside world. For professionals, doing continuing education is necessary. Why get continuing education after graduating from college? There are many reasons and an example is to move up and gain more professional skills. Most of the individuals in the upper position, for instance in the health care setting, have graduate degree courses completed.

Amount: $3,000
Deadline: 1st of June
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