Kansas School Nurse Organization

To enhance the nursing school, the Kansas School Nurse Organization in partnership with the NASN philosophy of BSN as a way to gain entry into the practice have decided to give out scholarships to the most qualified recipients. The Kansas School Nurse Organization is open to the registered nurses who are presently working in schools and are intending to further their knowledge and skills by advancing their education.

The funding for this scholarship grant varies as it is dependent on the availability of finances, but generally, the Kansas School Nurse Organization offers the amount of more than $750. In order to be considered for this scholarship program some essential information are required such as the applicant’s KSNO (Kansas School Nurse Organization) membership number as well as his or her employer’s name. Apart from these, the applicant also has to provide a letter of verification of enrollment at a recognized school or university that offers a BSN/ MSN program and also a target time or deadline that he or she intends to finish the program.

The applicant is also required to present his or her current length of stay as a KSNO member, as well as the applicant’s number of years being of service to KSNO whether as an officer or a board member. More than these, other information must also be presented such as the candidate’s total number of years working as a school nurse, and the total number of semesters that the applicant has finished in the BSN/ MSN program. To complete the requirements, the candidate must submit a written proof of his or her present RN license and a one page paper that discusses the question, “how this degree will benefit your school nursing practice?”

Amount: $750
Deadline: April 1st
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