Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship

Those who are enrolled in a licensed practical nursing program or a registered nursing course can now pursue their studies with the help of the Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship program. Thos who will be successfully given this award will be asked to offer their services for a year for every year they benefit from the scholarship.

The deadline for the submission of application has already passed but there is a chance that you might be awarded with this scholarship for next school year. There is a lot of similarity between scholarship givers. In the near future, this grant will be re-evaluated. For more information for next year’s awarding, check with the website at a later time.

The Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship is being given out by the Kansas Board of Regents.

The monetary value of the scholarship award depends on the course that the applicant is going to take. For those taking up a licensed practical nursing course, the value is 2,500 US dollars. For those taking up a course in Registered Nursing the value goes up to 3,500 US dollars. The breakdown is as follows, a sponsor will shell out between 1,000 US dollars to about half the total amount of the scholarship award. The Kansas state government will shoulder the rest. The whole amount collected is broken down into two equal parts. The first is given during fall season. The second half is given during the spring season. All these scholarship benefits are renewable on a yearly basis for a maximum of four school years. For each year, successful applicants need to apply again.

Applications are found at the website of the Kansas Board of Regents. Applications cost 12 US dollars for processing. A Kansas Student Aid Application form must be filled out completely. A signed and document agreement of sponsorship must be submitted as well. The applicants’ sponsor must be able to finance the scholarship in partial and must agree to provide employment to the applicant upon completion of the course. Free Application for Federal Student Aid must be submitted by the applicant on or before the 1st of April. Deadlines are strictly observed.

Amount: $1,000
Deadline: May 1
Website: Visit Website