JVS Scholarships

The Jewish Vocational Service Scholarships was established in 1972 to offer financial assistance to the students who have financial concerns. The scholarship award that will be given to the recipients is intended to help the students fund their education. But before a student can apply for the JVS Scholarships, the potential applicant needs to fulfill certain requirements in order to become eligible for the scholarship.

Part of the criteria for the JVS Scholarships is that the applicant must be Jewish and a citizen of the United States, or at least a legal permanent resident. The student is also required to have a permanent residence in Los Angeles, and that he or she must be a full time student at a recognized college. Another part of the requirement for this program’s eligibility is that the student must also have participation and service to the Jewish community, and that he or she must have a grade point average with a minimum of 2.7 for the undergraduate level, and 3.0 for the graduate level.

Students who are 16 years old and above may take their chance at the JVS Scholarships. This scholarship program is open to any field of study whether it is Visual Art, Psychology, Dentistry, Pharmacology, Rabbinical Studies, Law, Medicine, among others. To get a chance to be selected for the JVS Scholarships, the applicant must be able to complete all the necessary requirements which include a fully accomplished application form together with the other documents like transcript and letter of recommendation.

For more details, also visit jvsla.org/programs-and-services/jvs-scholarship-program.

Amount: $2,000
GPA: 3.0
Website: Visit Website