Justine E. Granner Memorial

The Justine E. Granner Memorial is a kind of scholarship program that is given every year to the most deserving students who has the right qualifications. This particular scholarship program is open only to a select group ethnicity, and in fact is available only to the American Indian students or those who belong to other ethnic minority. The Justine E. Granner Memorial provides financial assistance to the students who are pursuing a career in nursing or other fields that are related to health. These students are required as well to be enrolled in a school of nursing within the state of Iowa.

This scholarship program gives priority to the candidates who have graduated from a high school in the state of Iowa, and also part of the qualification for the Justine E. Granner Memorial is that the potential candidate must also have a grade average that is no less than a “B” on his or her high school or college years until the time of application for this scholarship program.

Scholarship programs such as the Justine E. Granner Memorial definitely provides a great opportunity to the students who lack the financial resources to fund their education, and which hinders them from realizing their dreams. Because of programs that offer financial assistance, more and more students are given the chance to finish their studies to get a degree that will lead them closer to their dreams. Becoming a recipient is certainly not easy as the candidate needs to possess all the necessary criteria.

Amount: $1,000
Length: 1 year
Deadline: March 15th – no exceptions
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