Junior Level Geriatric Nursing Scholarships

Students who have displayed exemplary scholastic performances in a major course in nursing shall be awarded the Gaspar and Rose T. Digiovanna Memorial Geriatric Nursing Scholarship. There are requirements that applicants must fulfill. The first is that a Grade Point Average of at least 2.5 must be maintained. The student must have strong intentions in work in geriatric nursing care. A recommendation letter in applying for the scholarship which has a value of five-hundred U.S. dollars for the next school year must be submitted.

This scholarship is intended to help nursing students who are experiencing financial difficulties. A number of scholarship awards are given every year with various monetary values. Nursing students who are not residents of Maryland are allowed to apply for the scholarships provided that they intend to work as nurses in Maryland. Upper classmen and about to be juniors can also avail of scholarships from the Nursing Department during spring. Incoming first year students majoring in any nursing course can avail of scholarships but only if approved by the selection committee.

Those who were awarded with the Robert Wood Johnson New Careers took a photo op before the start of their classes. This is just one of the scholarships available at Salisbury University, one of the 52 learning institutions offering this. This is just one of the ways Salisbury University facilitates variety in the program called Second Degree Bachelor of Science. This is a scholarship founded to inculcate and instill great academic performance, leadership qualities and teaching abilities in people who are not properly acknowledged in the area of nursing. Applicants may log onto http://www.newcareersinnursing.org to gather more facts.

Amount: $500
GPA: 2.50
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