Judy Knox Scholarship

Those who are practicing Registered Nurses now have a chance of pursuing further studies in a bachelor’s program in nursing or a post graduate course in any school in the state of North Carolina. This is possible with the help of the Judy Knox Scholarship award. There are a couple of requirements an applicant must fulfill. First is that a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or higher must be maintained and the applicant must be a certified resident of the state of North Carolina.

The deadline for the submission of application has already passed but there is a chance that you might be awarded with this scholarship for next school year. There is a lot of similarity between scholarship givers. In the near future, this grant will be re-evaluated. For more information for next year’s awarding, check with the website at a later time.

This scholarship is being given out by the North Carolina Foundation for Nursing and has a monetary value of 1,000 US dollars and is not renewable. The number of applicants accepted varies from year to year and it depends on how much funds are available for the Foundation to budget for the award.

Application forms can be downloaded from the Foundation’s web page. Supporting documents that the applicant must submit are as follows; a 300 word maximum essay which states the applicants’ reason for pursuing higher studies, letters of recommendation from two sources, copies of scholastic records, copy of the acceptance letter into the nursing school. The deadline is strictly applied.

Amount: $1,000
GPA: 3.0
Website: Visit Website