Judith C. Kelleher Memorial Scholarship

Those nurses practicing in the field of emergency nursing can now pursue their nursing post graduate masteral degree. The can do this with the aid of the Judith C. Kelleher Memorial Scholarship. One requirement is that the applicant must be an Emergency Nurses Association member.

The deadline for the submission of application has already passed but there is a chance that you might be awarded with this scholarship for next school year. There is a lot of similarity between scholarship givers. In the near future, this grant will be re-evaluated. For more information for next year’s awarding, check with the website at a later time.

This scholarship grant is awarded by the Emergency Nurses Association with a monetary value of 5,000 US dollars and is not renewable.
There is only one recipient of the scholarship per year.

For further details about how to apply for the scholarship, interested parties can visit Emergency Nurses Association web page. The online application form must be produced and filled out in hard copy form. It has to be signed, filled out and dated. Stapled application forms and other documents will not be recognized. The applicant must read everything that is written in the by-laws of the scholarship before signing and sending the application form. Other supporting documents that the applicant is required to submit are the following; recommendation letters from two sources, photocopy of the applicants nursing license, a short essay on the applicants educational and career paths, original scholastic records, photocopy of acceptance letter the applicant received from the nursing school, photocopy of how much the tuition will cost, and a photocopy of the school’s accreditation. All of these can be presented via e-mail or postal mail. For applications sent through email, scanned copies of these documents are approved.

Amount: $5,000
Website: Visit Website