Joe C. Davis Scholarship Fund

The Joe C. Davis Foundation is a private charitable foundation established in 1976 at Nashville, Tennessee. The foundation makes contributions to charitable organizations exemplifying the core values of Joseph Columbus Davis, Jr.: perseverance, hard work, education, and entrepreneurship. The foundation’s primary areas of focus are education, healthcare, and community and social services. It focuses on the Nashville, Tennessee area. The foundation seeks to invest in organizations with strong leadership; organizations with long-term, sustainable financial models; and organizations that are leading experts in the relevant area of service.

The Joe C. Davis Foundation generally makes one-time grants designed to enhance existing programs, and sometimes to create new ones if they have shown long-term financial sustainability. It will also consider capital requests, including facility funding. The foundation shall consider relatively small grant requests in support of regular ongoing operating costs. However, multiple requests from the same organization over consecutive years are reviewed to make sure that the foundation is not creating excessive ongoing dependency upon its grants.

The Joe C. Davis Foundation supports a wide range of education-related organizations, healthcare organizations and endeavors, and a wide variety of social service organizations. The healthcare endeavors include medical training, health and wellness initiatives, medical clinic serving the underinsured, addiction services, mental health services, and crisis services. The foundation has primarily supported research and medical training at Vanderbilt University.

In line with this support to health care endeavors, the Joe C. Davis Scholarship Fund was established at the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. The scholarship award is supported by the Joe C. Davis Foundation. Preference to the scholarship is given to non-RN students returning to school via the Bridge program.

Information about the Joe C. Davis Scholarship Fund may be obtained from:

Joe C. Davis Scholarship Fund
461 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37240
Telephone Number – 615-3800
Fax Number – 888-322-3800

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