Jewish Federation Academic Scholarship

The Jewish Federation Academic Scholarship was established to offer financial support to the students who are in need of financial aid in order for them to complete their education and get a degree so that they may be given the chance to fulfill their dreams and excel in their chosen profession. This scholarship program is open to the junior and senior college students who are citizens of the United States and must come from a Jewish descent.

Among the qualifications for the Jewish Federation Academic Scholarship is that the candidate must either be born or raised in Cook County or the Chicago metropolitan area or northwest Indiana, or that he or she must have finished one full year of continuous employment in either Cook County or Chicago Metropolitan area. This scholarship program is awarded by the Jewish Vocational Service, and the amount of award that this scholarship grant offers to its recipients is worth $5,000 which is non- renewable.

The Jewish Federation Academic Scholarship chooses 100 to 120 recipients each year, and those who would like to take advantage of this great opportunity and are qualified to make an application may access the application from the Jewish Vocational Service website. Apart from the completed application, the candidate must also accomplish other documents such as Legal Domicility Form, Applicant Data Form, Career Statement, Letter or Reference Form, Budget Worksheet, Academic Budget Form and Release of Information Form. All these must be types using a font size between 10.5 and 12 only.

Amount: $8,000
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