Jewish Community Center Scholarships

The Jewish Community Center Scholarships is a graduate scholarship program that wishes to give a hand to the students with financial difficulties by way of providing financial assistance so that the students who deserve to pursue their education may be given the chance that they need. This scholarship program is intended as well to the individuals who are searching for a professional career within the Jewish Community Center.

The Jewish Community Center Scholarships is also meant to support those who are intending to get an advanced degree. Recipients who will be selected to receive the scholarship award are required to be employed at a Jewish Community Center at the time of their studies. Full time students may expect to receive more than $10,000 each year for a 1or 2 year period so they can complete their graduate studies.

This scholarship program will start accepting applications for scholarships on October 1, and those who are qualified to apply for the Jewish Community Center Scholarships must be ready with the completed application as well as the other required documents on or before its given deadline which is on February 1.

Students who are interested to know more about the Jewish Community Center Scholarships may get in touch with Scholarship Coordinator, JCC Association, 520 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018. They may also call (212) 786- 5114 or check out Potential applicants may also send their inquiries through

Scholarship programs such as this one truly give a great opportunity to the students who need financial aid.

Amount: $10,000
Length: one year
Deadline: October 1
Website: Visit Website