Jeanette and Leon Travis Scholarship for Nursing at St. Thomas Hospital

The Jeanette and Leon Travis Scholarship for Nursing at St. Thomas hospital was established at the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. The scholarship program was established by Mrs. Jeanette Travis and the late Mr. Leon Travis to enable nurses employed at the St. Thomas Hospital to pursue their MSN degree at the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. It is the belief of the Travis couple that an advanced nursing degree will be helpful in providing better nursing care to patients of the hospital.

The scholarship program offers 6 full tuition scholarships every year as well as a number of partial scholarships. Full-time enrollment (12 hours per semester) is required to be considered for the scholarship although some specialty programs may require less than 12 hours. Part-time students and post-master’s students are not eligible for the scholarship but they may qualify for student loans.

In order for a student to maintain a scholarship each semester, they must continue to make satisfactory academic progress and their overall cumulative GPA cannot fall below a 3.0. If a student’s GPA falls below a 3.0, they will lose their scholarship and may have to petition to have their scholarship re-instated for another semester once their GPA returns to at least a 3.0. All awards are made through the School of Nursing Scholarship Committee according to the requirements of the funding source.

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