Jack Knapp Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship program called Jack Knapp Memorial Scholarship was specifically created for the senior high school students who are citizens of the United States and have studied in a public high school in Aurora, Colorado. For the potential candidate to qualify for this scholarship program, he or she needs to have a grade point average of at least 3.0, and that he or she must be active in any humanitarian or charitable school function. Aside from the already mentioned requirements, the candidate must also have succeeded in battling a physical, mental or learning disability.

Part of the qualification for the Jack Knapp Memorial Scholarship is that the candidate must intend to concentrate on having a humanitarian or charitable career in the future or he or she may also opt to pursue a special needs education program. The Jack Knapp Memorial Scholarship is awarded by Aurora Public Schools Education Foundation, and the award that it offers its recipients amount to $1,000 which is non- renewable.

Only one recipient is chosen every year by this program, and students who are interested to apply for this program may access the application through the Aurora Public Schools Education Foundation website. Apart from the completed application, this program requires other supporting documents as well such as transcript of records, two letters of recommendation and a one page essay that discusses the things that are essential to Jack Knapp at the present time as well as the candidate’s career plans in the future and how he or she is going to be a living legacy.

Amount: $1,000
Deadline: February 27
GPA: 3.0
Website: Visit Website