Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships

Established in 1964, the Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships has provided more than $2M worth of scholarship award to over 6,000 high school students who belong to the Catholic faith and at the same time are intending to pursue college. The Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships are open to both public as well as Catholic high schools in the areas of California, Nevada, Illinois and Arizona.

Like any other scholarship programs, this scholarship grant has its own set of criteria as well that the student needs to fulfill in order to be eligible to make an application to the Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships. One of the necessary requirement is that the applicant must have a grade point average of no less than 3.2, and that he or she must be a Roman Catholic who comes from an Italian descent. If however the applicant is not from an Italian descent, he or she can still be qualified to apply as long as either his or her parent, guardian or even grandparent is a Catholic and a member of the Italian Catholic Federation.

Another requirement that the student needs to fulfill is that he or she must be residing within the Roman Catholic Dioceses of the states of California, Illinois, Arizona and Nevada. The scholarship awards given by the Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships is distributed into the following: First year scholarship winners, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year awards worth $500, $600 and$1,000 respectively. The first year scholarship award is worth $400 and is given to about 200 recipients.

Amount: $1,000
GPA: 3.2
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